Friday, 5 April 2013

Shopping for Spring/Summer

Although it is still FREEZING out,  i am still very positive that there is some amazing weather just around the corner!!
So i have started getting together a Spring/Summer wardrobe for the girls!

Some of these things I have bought and some are on my list to buy soon :-)

Pink floral summer dress from Next  £10
Pink floral pumps from Asda (perfect match!)  £5
a gorgeous summer set for £15!

                                    Cute bumble bee set from Next - £21 - this is on my WANT list!


                                Gorgeous summer dresses from Tesco's - reduced from £12 to £9




  1. Those dresses are so cute xx

  2. Now following :)

    I am so tempted to get that blue daisy dress for my niece it is just gorgeous!


  3. Hi girls, :-)
    gorgeous dresses arnt they, going to have a look in Tesco's after pay day. Probably be sold out though haha! X